Dark Maharaja

Our love for ancient treasures has taken us back to the battle grounds of astounding warriors of India, where these clement rulers are fighting to protect their people. But our eyes are arrested by their bejeweled armors. These weapons are employed to proclaim their status. Their swords are richly encrusted with gemstones, and engraved with the symbols of their mythologies. Their shields and vajras are carved with their majestic mysteries. And we have captured these fortunes of craftsmanship and darkness of war into our creations. We are presenting you a collection with these weapons as our highlight and have signified them with silver, gold, rubies and diamonds.

The Royal Dark Maharaja pendant
Royal Ruby Cufflinks
Dagger Earrings
Royal Dark Maharaja Bangle
Royal Dark Maharaja Bangle
Blood Horn earrings
Warrior's Sword Ruby Earcuffs The Dark Maharja Collection